July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020


In fiscal year 2020, 112 CASA Volunteers served 242 children and youth.

Every foster child who needed a CASA Volunteer received one.

100% of children served by the program (those whose cases closed during FY 2020) remained free from new, founded incidents of abuse and/or neglect.

CASA Volunteers spent approximately 8,777 hours meeting with children, parents, physicians, therapists, social workers, and attorneys, as well as attending court and other case-related meetings.

The Courts referred 158 new children to Piedmont CASA. Of those referrals, 77 were found to be appropriate for CASA and were assigned Volunteers.

Our Volunteers conducted independent investigations for children in 137 family groups.

CASA Volunteers and/or their CASA Supervisors attended 498 hearings and submitted 98 court reports to the Judges.

These court reports contained 586 recommendations based on careful research. Of those recommendations, 555 (95%) were accepted.

There was a 6% increase in the number of cases closed, from 186 to 198.

In FY20, the average length of time a CASA Volunteer had served was 51 months.

Piedmont CASA conducted two 42-hour training sessions and inducted 21 new CASA Volunteers. 


Bridges Coaches mentored 44 older youth, ages 13-21.

Bridges Coaches traveled 26,616 miles to maintain connections with their youth.

Ten Bridges youth graduated from high school, two earned GEDs, and ten enrolled in college credit courses.

Two Bridges youth participated in vocational programs and two earned professional certification.

Prior to COVID-19, twenty young people had jobs or internships and twenty-seven were involved in extra-curricular activities.